#96 Is Alkaline Water Beneficial, Particularly After Weight Loss Surgery?

bariatric surgery success podcast

HOST: Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Dr.

Susan Mitchell 


Health claims promise that alkaline water will slow how fast you age, prevent cancer, give you more energy and regulate your body’s pH. Should you open your wallet after weight loss surgery and spend your hard earned money? Will it benefit you in any way? Find out three things you’ll want to know.

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In today's episode we'll take about:

  • science 101: what alkaline water is and it's benefits or lack of
  • what is pH
  • where does alkaline water fall on the pH scale
  • is alkaline water naturally sourced or manmade
  • a friend tells you to drink alkaline water for energy. Will it help?
  • can alkaline water affect the medications you take?
  • what about your stomach's pH and your digestion
  • can you change blood pH
  • should you drink alkaline water over spring water or tap water?

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